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The Impact Of Emerging And Re-Emerging Infectious Diseases In The Built Environment

HEATHROW, FL Quality control measures during healthcare construction are demanded as each year 5,000-7,000 patients die from exposure to construction contaminants including air and water-borne germs. Medical environments can be a reservoir for organisms with potential for infecting patients. The potential increases with both new and refurbished projects in healthcare facilities, requiring careful planning and coordination to minimize the risk of infection to patients.

Explosion Of Outpatient Healthcare Centers In U.S. Could Increase Danger Of Superbug Infections

Leading infectious disease expert calls for tighter disinfection methods for non-surgical walk-in clinics and diagnostic facilities.

HEATHROW, FL With the proliferation of “doc-in-box” medical clinics and other outpatient healthcare and diagnostic centers throughout the U. S., the potential for outbreaks of infectious diseases, including drug-resistant “super bugs” in these centers is also increasing.

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