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The Healthcare Industry struggles from the following pain points:

  • Cross contamination concerns during construction projects
  • Staggering Lawsuits
  • Bad publicity
  • Loss of insurance and/or higher premiums
  • Catastrophic/Sentinel events
  • Lack of loyalty from customers
  • Willful disregard lawsuits
  • Loss of profit centers
  • Environmental issues
  • Exposure to emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases
  • Airborne pathogens

Philders Group International Inc. provides consulting services, corporate strategic positioning to ensure market innovation, education, and corporate risk management programs for Infectious Disease to the architecture, engineering, and construction; real estate management; and healthcare industries. We impact our clients as a medical resource, provide continuing education and compliance programs, allowing our clients to function at lower liability and to manage risk. What is your company implementing as protocol in the advent of a pandemic or infectious disease outbreak?

Philders Direct Response specifically addresses protocol for disease control in buildings for both public and private sectors. Do your service providers have an Infectious Disease program as a part of an ongoing safety program? When service providers enter the building, what specific protocol is implemented to protect employees, tenants, and patrons from exposure?

We represent service providers to commercial, industrial, healthcare, and manufacturing facilities that implement infection control into their corporate safety program. This raises the standards for their respective discipline and gives building owners, managers, and developers an additional layer of protection.

Our Services Offer 5 Critical Outcomes for Our Clients

  1. Powerful and enhanced brand recognition in the healthcare market
  2. Reduction of risk and management of liability
  3. Cross pollination of data, information and technology from our Intellectual Property
  4. The latest in mandatory compliance updates from CMS, TJC & DNV
  5. Our experience as a trusted advisor, industry consultant, and subject matter expert

Our Services

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