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Business Optimization Consulting Firm Exploits Competitive Challenges

Experts Introduce Ground-Breaking Solutions for Business-Healthcare Relationships

Heathrow, FL: Philders Group International, Inc., a consulting firm that specializes in future trending clients for business optimization in healthcare, announced their new executive program, AMP — Building a Clinical Bridge. This program empowers companies to charge ahead and expand their impact in the healthcare market to increase efficiency, lower costs, and improve patient outcomes. The program is so powerful that it can make competition truly irrelevant.

The process helps businesses uniquely attack the challenges of the market for a

business-specific product or service. AMP, which is short for ampere, provides a burst of

skill and expertise to enable clients to leap ahead of competitors. The four-part process,

listed below, guides a company through initial planning and measures key performance drivers.

Building a Clinical Bridge

❏ Creates a business strategy to enhance positioning in the healthcare


❏ Ramps up the scale and scope of the campaign strategy

❏ Measures key performance drivers

❏ Captures a strategy of pre-eminence

Marlene Linders, President and CEO of Philders Group International states:

“This executive program is a dynamic process to increase a company’s footprint in the

healthcare sector or to introduce them to that industry. Philders Group becomes their

conduit by building a Clinical Bridge. Businesses who let AMP be their guide become a

trusted advisor to their healthcare client while their competitors struggle to get their foot in

the door.”

AMP gives businesses the power-packed burst needed in order to grow and surge their

profits. Philders Group has already begun to implement the AMP program with US-based businesses and has plans to continue revolutionizing business-healthcare relationships globally. Companies that need a competitive edge in the healthcare industry should utilize AMP as soon as possible to create measurable growth for their business that puts them ahead of others.

About Philders Group International Inc: Philders Group International Inc. (PGI). is

a healthcare consulting firm which provides corporate strategic positioning to clients who

want to gain access to or increase their footprint in the healthcare arena. They work with

corporate clients by future trending healthcare sectors and predicting growth areas for

service and profit.

Philders Group International Inc.’s Reasearch & Development division enhances new or emerging technology that may positively impact the health of the patient population as well as sustainability. Their unique team of experts provides objective investigation for efficacy, positioning, and “take-it-to-market” enhancement and strategy.


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