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Risk Management Programs
Philders Group International Inc. offers a unique training opportunity called “The Fundamentals of Infection Control in the Environment of Care for Healthcare Contractors” through The Linders Health InstituteTM

This 15-hour training course introduces and reviews essential factors of Infection Control, emerging infectious diseases, air and waterborne pathogens, MRSA, and exposure risks during construction for healthcare facilities.

The course addresses the serious issue of Infection Control Risk Assessment as it pertains to the professional working in the healthcare environment. Students learn about the various high-risk quadrants in the hospital setting, vulnerable patient populations, and employee exposure risks during real work time. The professional develops an understanding of ICRA/PCRA/ILSM and how it affects their profession from a performance standpoint, meeting compliance requirements for the healthcare environment, client retention, and legal risk. The accreditation for this course is CFHC or Critical Facilities Health Care and CERC Critical Environmental Reconstruction Contractor and includes wet OR’s, TJC new requirements, and bloodborne pathogens.

By the end of the course, students will:

  1. Understand Infection Control issues as it relates to healthcare facilities
  2. Understand the ICRA Matrix/CDC
  3. Be familiar with Germs and Special Care Vent Setting
  4. Understand what compliance requirements are for Joint Commission and DNV during construction
  5. Know MEP do’s and don’ts
  6. Be able to effectively communicate with medical and nursing staff to streamline the process
  7. Understand AIA/FGI and ICRMR measures

This course is ideal for Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Contractors, and General Contractors; HVAC and plumbing contractors; Architects, Mechanical Consultants, Project Managers, LEED professionals, IPs, EH&S, RNs, FMs, Property Managers, CMs, PMs, Superintendents, Executive Management, Foremen, and Remediation and Disaster contractors.

To learn more or to enroll in “The Fundamentals of Infection Control in the Environment of Care for Healthcare Contractors,” contact us.